Test Kit

The UroFAST Home Kit for pathogen ID/AST test comprises an iOS/Android App, and a consumable test kit mailed to the patient for home use. The test kit comprises 150 mm Agar media plates, cotton swabs and antibiotic disk manifolds.


UroFAST Home Kit provides the patient with an overnight test for bacteria presence, subclassification, concentration, and antibiotic susceptibility. The cell phone App links the result to an online provider, who will prescribe antibiotics.

The Home Kit enables antibiotic prescription within 24-36 hours of when you get symptoms. No waiting to schedule an appointment with a provider, and an additional 2-3 days for test results.

How to use

  1. Unwrap Agar plate media, and visually inspect to ensure film is sterile and intact (use provided visual guide)
  2. Use the provided sterile cup to collect some urine
  3. Unpackage the provided cotton swab, dip the swab in urine and streak on the plate (use provided visual guide)
  4. Repeat for all 3 provided Agar media plates.  The same cotton swab can be used; dip into urine once for each media plate
  5. Unwrap the provided antibiotic manifold and place on the Agar media plates and place on the Agar media plates (use provided visual guide).
  6. Cover the media plate with the lid, and place on a horizontal surface with the antibiotic manifold facing up.
  7. Let stand overnight (>24 hours) in a warm location (room temperature is acceptable; bacteria growth is faster at 37C)
  8.  Take a picture of the media plate and upload to the patient portal via the iOS/Android app

What happens next

  1. In the patient portal, a microbiologist will examine the pictures and develop a report.  If necessary, the microbiologist will call you with questions or additional instructions
  2. The report is transmitted to an online provider, who will call you with antibiotic prescription information, sufficient for 72 hours.
  3. You will be required to bring your urine sample to a nearby reference laboratory, and conventional culture based testing.  When the culture results become available, the antibiotic prescription will be revised, as appropriate

Current Status

Now in development.  Please contact us if you would like to be a beta-tester