Services & Laboratory standards

We offer the following services, and laboratory standards

  • Microbiology Testing Services –

    We can test several types of samples with applicable standards














                   ISO 14000








                   Process Improvement

                   Product Development

                   Quality Assurance

                   Quality Assurance






                   Tissue culture

                   Waste Water


  • Standards – We are equipped with reference standards from several standards organizations, including Standard Waters and Methods, ASTM, FDA BAM, US Pharmacopeia, WHO Standards, British Pharmacopeia, CLSI

  • Licensed personnel – We are qualified microbiologists and engineers.  Our clinical microbiology procedures are supervised by a licensed CLS (see attached picture), with several years experience managing a large clinical microbiology laboratory attached to an acute care hospital in the Southern California region.  Our engineering procedures are supervised by a PhD engineer.

  • Membership – We are members of Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology APIC and American Public Health Association APHA