Our unique combination of in-house technology and experience enables value to you

  • Standards – Standard Waters and Methods, ASTM, FDA BAM, US Pharmacopeia, WHO Standards, British Pharmacopeia, CLSI

  • Licensed personnel – Licensed microbiologists, with experienced supervisors

  • Time to result – In house InSpector-01 tool enables rapid test turn around time

In several settings, the time taken by culture analysis cannot be afforded because the associated product is time sensitive.  For instance, salad greens cannot be easily stored for an extra 24 hours for a sterility check.  In these scenarios, we can use our InSpector-01 tool to enable timely testing, thereby enabling efficient and safe use of the product.

Enabling technology

Services Offered

We offer the following special “rapid microbiology” services.

  • Environmental Microbiology

    • Air Testing
    • Soil Testing
    •  Water Testing
    • Bioremediation Testing
    • Bioaugmentation Testing
  • Food Microbiology

    • Contaminant Identification
    • Processing Issues
    • Sanitation Checking
    • Spice Contamination
  • Cosmetic Microbiology

    • Product Development
    • Quality Assurance Improvement
    • Process Improvement
  • Water Microbiology

    • Colony Counts
    • Toxicity Testing
  • Waste Water Testing

    • Toxicity Testing
    • Sterility Testing
  • Other Liquids

    • Oils – Contaminants
    • Preservative Testing Studies
    • Toxicity Testing
    • Sanitation
    • Special Chemistry
    • Bioload Testing
    • Food Lot Contamination Testing
    • Pest Control Contamination
    • Parasitology
    • Molecular Testing
  • C. difficile investigations – Rapid search for C. difficile infected locations between patient changes for nursing homes and hospitals

    Contaminated instruments – Rapid testing of instrument sterility